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Rounded log and profiled log for wooden house-building.

House, Bath, Cottage, Block house made from rounded log, half timber and profiled log.

House construction of the solid wood.
What differs us from our guild fellows?

Dear Guest and, I hope, future Client !

It is not an exaggeration to say that the majority of the web-sites of the construction companies specializing in country-houses construction from rounded and profiled log look like twins. In this sense you will hardly find a difference between them and us.

Still what is it that differs us from the rest? -  There is only one thing from the importance point of view — we produce unique profiled log and timber from solid wood.

.....Not to wander along our site pages in searching for some semi-useful information, I advise you to take a look at the information about our products basic characteristic features as well as about its advantages    in comparison with other analogs - it is this information that is really important for the builder (follow two first references below), all the rest may be of some interest for you, but you will certainly find such    content on the hundreds of similar pages.

The form and sizes of our branded log and timber section combine best characteristics of Canadian and Norwegian technologies of wooden-house felling. Walling material self-locking profile will only strengthen the house walls solidity in course of time. It releases you from the necessity to caulk, guarantees a quality insulation, it guarantees that the majority of the cracks that are inevitable for massive wood will appear on the inner surfaces, invisible from outside as well as from inside, minimizing their amount and size.

We do not know any other company that can offer you such variety of materials for wooden house construction. Only our company can offer you more than 120 nominal sizes of profiled timber and rounded (profiled) log! Suited to anybody's taste.

Even the most demanding client will be satisfied with our products. We can offer you exclusive forms and sizes of pine, larch, cedar profile. A provident builder will find a unique offer: profiled timber price = rounded log price.

There are no wooden houses standard plans on our site. You choose the project (from the variety of our catalogs), and we modify it according to your tastes. You can also order an individual project design.

You can take a look at the whole technological chain of the production – from logging to finished products shipping. Block house production is performed on the agreement basis.

We use only selected, ecologically friendly resinous materials, that eliminate presence of wood flaws in profiled timber or rounded log.
Complete assembly for the construction of wooden house, bath or cottage consists of the numbered articles of 100% operational compatibility. Block house fit-up as well as assembly marking and water-base manufacturing are provided. If necessary we can complete an order with related board lumber - eaves board, thick plank and batten. We can also produce some hardscape according to your House style - bath, garden house, garden benches, well parapet or even a kennel for your pet dog...

Readable engineering documentation will help you to construct a block house, bath or cottage without using special tools and mechanisms saving your efforts and time.

Our block houses are of the high quality and reasonable price.

Some examples of profiled timber and rounded log external appearance:

Rounded log — crescent groove
Rounded log — straight pin-groove junction
Rounded log - double pin-groove junction

Profiled timber - crescent groove
Profiled timber - straight pin-groove junction
Profiled timber - double pin-groove junction

Three-edged cant - crescent groove
Three-edged cant - straight pin-groove junction
Three-edged cant - double pin-groove junction

You will find detailed information about timber and log profiles in our Catalog

The most obvious advantages of wooden house and bath are the following:

  • Timber and log - 100% solid wood, natural material;
  • Wooden house perfectly blends with natural landscape;
  • Beautiful texture of wooden surfaces needs no additional dressing;
  • A wood can «breathe» - natural ventilation and humidity regulation occurs:Phytoncids decontaminate air while pitches charge it with forest aroma;
  • wood thermal-insulating properties exceed ones of brick and concrete walls of the same thickness in 3-5 times, i.e. thermal-insulating properties of the 20 cm profiled timber is equivalent to more than one meter brick wall;
  • Wooden house construction is cheaper than construction of the same space brick house;
  • Simplicity and building-up quickness - block house assembly from profiled timber and rounded log is built up like a toy construction set;
  • Possibility to build in winter;
  • Ample opportunities for individual design;
  • Firmness, durability;

House, bath or cottage made of profiled timber or rounded log is the best possible solution for your country house-building.

Articles about wooden houses

For the construction we recommend to use:
Part-time residence house, bath — rounded log - D 160 mm and more, profiled timber — any size.
Full-time residence house - rounded log or profiled timber with interlog groove width min 150 mm.
For wooden houses, bath, cottages and block houses construction we use:
Rounded log D 180-320 mm
Profiled log D 180-320 mm
Profiled timber 125х150...300х300 mm

Profiled log .
Profiled timber .
Profiled log .
Profiled timber .

Profiled log,
Profiled timber 1

Rounded log ,D 180-320 mm

International Log Builders' Association :
«2000 LOG BUILDING STANDARDS» (Residential, Handcrafted, Interlocking, Scribe-fit Construction)
ILBA Log Building Standards (Canadian Log Builders' Association, International American Log Builders' Association)

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