CJSC «Hermes» - Rounded log and profiled log for wooden house-building.

About Company.

«Hermes» CJSC was founded in 1993.

Along the whole history of our company existence we have been developing our working skills with such wonderful natural material as wood.

«Hermes» CJSC woodworking plant is situated in the Gatchina region of the Leningrad district. And it is this ecologically friendly place by the Oredezh riverbank where our workers' settlement is situated. So our company employees know firsthand about comfort life in the wooden house, they are fond of such houses and are absorbed in their occupation.

In our production process we use only selected wood of coniferous trees - pine, Siberian larch and fir-tree.

We hope our house design and construction experts, using rounded log and profiled timber, will help you to see the true value of wooden residence, which combines modern city apartment comfort as well as natural environment charm. House made of profiled timber or round profiled log is the best possible solution for your country house-building.

For wooden houses, bath, cottages and block houses construction we use:
Rounded log D 180-320 mm
Profiled log D 180-320 mm
Profiled timber 125х150...300х300 mm
About Company.............
ЗАО Гермес Ленинградская область
CJSC «Hermes»
Rounded log and profiled log
for wooden house-building
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