Houses made of profiled timber

Houses made of timber are usually chosen by those people who enjoy the naked walls aesthetic. Undeniable merits of profiled timber are:

    100% of solid wood.
    0% of glue. Environmentally friendly wood.
    It has perfectly glib side walls surfaces. It needs no additional dressing either outdoor or indoor. House made of such timber is very attractive.
    Profiled timber is superior to rounded one in relation to the heat-insulation due to its broad cold bridge.
    To achieve the same heat-insulation you will need less amount of profiled timber in comparison to rounded log. Besides profiled timber is almost twice cheaper that glued one. This makes timber the most profitable building material.
    There will be less amount of cracks on the sides because the tension in the timber is relieved from four directions.
    Wall set assembly is easy and fast.
    Unlike glued timber where all wood inner structure is deformed profiled timber made of solid wood possesses "breathing" property. There is an air circulation occurring through the walls and ends. Even when the doors are closed you will always have fresh air charged with wood sent in your house. Such houses need no air conditioners. More than 30 % of air is changed through the walls during a day. The house supports comfortable humidity and distributes the heat creating comfortable life conditions. Thus it will be warm in winter and coolly in summer in your house.
    Profiled timber made of heat coniferous wood makes the best building material.

See "Produced Profiles Catalog"

Raw materials:

Pine, fir-tree (larch) of winter cutting.


intergrown and sound knots are not limited;
snuff-coloured, decayed snags sized 20mm - are not admissible;
decay, fungi stain, warm holes, blueness, wane, bark - are not admissible;
Geometrical dimensions deviation from the linear ones is +/- 3 mm.

Northern coniferous wood of winter cutting is the best building material for wooden house construction..

Wall material profile

Figured timber;
Figured timber with double groove joint.


Nominal diameter: 200-320 mm 
Height 120-250
Thickness 120-220
Length: 4-6 м.

Terms of delivery:

EXW, FCA, in accordance with ICOTERMS regulations.
By automobile or sea transport (in containers) on the agreement basis

Terms of payment:

Advanced payment of 50% at order stage;
The rest 50% - in 5 days before the shipment.

Additional services:

Block house assembly
Wood accelerating aging
Logs drying
Additional complete set

For wooden houses, bath, cottages and block houses construction we use:
Rounded log D 180-320 mm
Profiled log D 180-320 mm
Profiled timber 125х150...300х300 mm

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