Houses made of rounded log.

Choice of the house made of rounded log is determined not only and not just by its price but by the wooden house advantages - wood sent, comfort, environmental friendliness and health. Every one will find it very comfortable to live in the wooden house.

Wall materials of such house have no glutinous compounds. Its "breathing"quality gives a possibility to support comfortable indoor climate without using additional equipment. Moreover in wooden house you will get a better sleep in comparison to brick one. Wooden house is warmed up quickly and you will find no humidity in it even after long-term absence of hosts.

House made of rounded log has perfect wall appearance outdoor as well as indoor. Fineness of processed surface needs no additional use of indoor or outdoor finishing materials thus eliminating extra costs. Beautiful inimitable texture of the wood will bring you a good mood.

House made of rounded log perfectly blends into the natural landscape as well as provides you with modern comfort and traditional coziness.

See "Produced Profiles Catalog".

Raw materials:

Pine (larch) of winter cutting.


intergrown and sound knots are not limited;

snuff-coloured, decayed snags sized 20mm - are not admissible;

decay, fungi stain, warm holes, blueness, wane, bark - are not admissible;

Geometrical dimensions deviation from the linear ones is +/- 3 mm.

Northern coniferous wood of winter cutting is the best building material for wooden house construction

Northern coniferous wood of winter cutting is the best building material for wooden house construction.



Diameter: rounded log is 160-320 mm
Length: 6 m.

Wall material profile:

Glib cylinder;
Crescent groove;
One-/Two cant timber;
Figured cylinder;
Figured cylinder with double groove joint.

Terms of delivery:

EXW, FCA, in accordance with ICOTERMS regulations.
By automobile or sea transport (in containers) on the agreement basis

Terms of delivery:

Advanced payment of 50% at order stage;
The rest 50% - in 5 days before the shipment.

Additional services:

Block house assembly
Wood accelerating aging
Logs drying
Additional complete set

For wooden houses, bath, cottages and block houses construction we use:
Rounded log D 180-320 mm
Profiled log D 180-320 mm
Profiled timber 125х150...300х300 mm
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