Assembling, supervised installation

Price of the "Standard complete set" house assembling on the prepared by the Client's building base made of profiled timber or log is from 30 to 40% (depending on the project) of the standard complete set materials price.

Supervised installation services price: 150 Euro/day, 3000 roubl./day in Russia.

Products delivery price

in Russia

On request. At the rate of 25-30 m3 of natural humidity lumber per lorry. Delivery basis: the Leningrad district., the Gatchina region, , settl. Dalny.

In Europe countries:

On request
By automobile transport:
Euro-truck, length 13,5 m., capacity ~ 33 m. cub. of natural humidity lumber for one car. 
By maritime container:
40 DH, capacity ~ 40 m3 of natural humidity lumber

Delivery basis: Russia, Saint-Petersburg.


To produce house details set and fulfill house construction you will need:

  1. House design project.

    House design project includes

      floors plan;
      general view.

    Design project price is 10 Euro/m2. If you place an order in our Company, the project developing costs will be included into the overall order price.

  2. Working documentation 

    (log-by-log construction plan) is necessary for blockhouse design and construction:

      Blockhouse general view.
      House (walls) axes plan.
      Beams (covering, roofs) plan.
      Walls front view with each log marking.
      Groove record.
      Logs table (with graphic representation for each article): item, length, profile, type and groove location.
      Log dressing optimization in terms of 6m length (or other - on Client's request).
      Log rows record.
      Materials record.

    Working documentation price is 3 Euro /m2. If you place an order in our Company the project developing costs will be included into the overall order price.Standard houses design sketch plan price is 3 Euro/m2

If you place a house construction order in our company - we will present a free sketch plan for you.


For wooden houses, bath, cottages and block houses construction we use:
Rounded log D 180-320 mm
Profiled log D 180-320 mm
Profiled timber 125х150...300х300 mm

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Rounded log and profiled log
for wooden house-building
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